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The Farm to School Puerto Rico Expo, took place the 4th of March 2020 in the University of Puerto Rico, Carolina Campus. This event was funded by the United States Department of Agriculture and Global Education Exchange Opportunities. With the help and collaboration of the Department of Agriculture, Department of Education, Agriculture Extension Services, and others the event received more than 200 participants.

The participants were a representation of public school teachers, farmers, buyers, and procurements. Other nonprofit and for profit organizations such as World Central Kitchen, FIDA, Friends of Puerto Rico, TAIS, Puerto Rico Farm Credit, ADEA, and others supplied the food and materials to be able to offer breakfast and lunch from local products and cero waste.

Thanks to this event, the second farm to school is being planned by region. So that other participants can receive the benefits and turn our island into a sustainable and independent one.

Farm to school
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