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The First Farm to School Puerto Rico Expo is held, impacting approximately 250 participants (teachers and farmers).

The board starts the year working on its strategic plan to achieve self-sufficiency of the projects it manages. The Board continues the process of identifying legislative funds to restore services to the elderly in Orocovis since physical facilities are still available through the auspices of the Municipal Administration.


The Department of Justice, Division of External Resources approves the Proposal of Servicios de Apoyo al Bienestar del Envejeciente (SABE), to attend people over 60 years who have been victims of the crime. These services are offered in two facilities, in the towns of Mayagüez and Orocovis.

CEMI recruits volunteers and constitutes a Board to establish a Public-School Alliance according to law 85.


The INOVAA-PR proposal is submitted and approved with the Department of Education.



INOVAA-PR proposal is renewed. 

INOVAA-PR proposal is renewed. 



The organization's first competitive proposal was approved, Instituto Novel para Optimizar la Vida Académica de los Adultos en Puerto Rico (INOVAA-PR) with the Puerto Rico Department of Education.

The organization was incorporated on May 25, 2013 under the name of Centro del Estudiante y Maestro Investigador, Corp. (CEMI).


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