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Circuito Agroempresarial Multisectorial


Given the scenario that Puerto Ricans faced as a result of the impact of Hurricane Maria, CEMI proposes a collaborative model in which the production and consumption of fresh produce, will be increased, and train the community (regardless of age) in regards of working on farms and develop market gardens to ensure sustainability in an emergency or atmospheric phenomenon. For this reason, CEMI wrote a proposal to de United States Department of Agriculture, for the purpose of creating a Farm to School Expo, with the objective of uniting teachers, farmers (growers and producers), and buyers that play a fundamental role to increase marketing, purchasing, consumption of local products, school gardens, and curriculum integration.



The following map shows the farmers that participated in the Farm to School Puerto Rico Expo and collaborated in the donation of their product in an effort to deliver a healthy meal with local produce. Click on a town to know the farm and what it produces, and help us continue the Farm to School Network initiative.



Our goal is to carry out training for the development of gardens in middle and high school. Help students to be part of it and acknowledge how the planning process is and the opportunities that exist for aggro-entrepreneurship in Puerto Rico. Collaborate in developing cooperatives between schools and farmers transforming their property into an open laboratory for students to explore new possibilities.


CAM is a model of collaboration through which the production and consumption of fresh products is increased, increasing the number of people trained to work the farms.  The gallery presents moments of joy, learning and integration of activities.

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